The Wall

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  • Portability - easily carried on your back, whether walking, on your bike or on the train or bus. Easily fits in any car’s luggage compartment.
  • Quick Set-up - five minutes to set up or breakdown - doesn’t eat into training or teaching time.
  • Easy storage - either keep it erected up against the wall or pack it away in its convenient bag ready to quickly assemble.
  • Low cost - incredible value as an alternative to building a permanent facility or court.
  • Multiperson use - both sides can be used simultaneously - easily set up games for up to 8 people on each Wall by

The Wall itself measures 3.65m x 1.75M

The pole measurement is 3.65m x 1.85m

Hand carry bag measurement is 28cm x 112CM

N.W. is 7.7kg, G.W. is 8.4kg,

Packaging Dimension is 23cm x 13cm x 99cm

Limited only by your imagination!

User friendly - players find it easy to use and to come up with their own games.

Intuitive - very clear as to what to do - no complicated rules or instructions.

Kid-friendly - Children love hitting on The Wall by Instead of spending all day on an expensive phone or internet game, they love spending hours on The Wall!

Quiet - no noise pollution in your immediate vicinity from loud rebounds.

Adjustable - change the tension of the net with the handy bungees to increase or decrease the amount of rebound - depending on the ability of the players or the specific game you are playing.

Strong - extra stitching to protect the net from breaking under normal duress.

Outreach programs - send your leaders out to local schools, colleges, offices, communities with Wall by to promote your sport or business.

Business seminars - use the Wall by as a great ice-breaker tool or as a team-building tool at your conferences and meetings.

Sales - as an agent, leader, association, or coach, sell the Wall by to your clients and members so that they can use its many advantages. Great for individuals and families, a school, college, or facility that needs to streamline its budget by having multi-use equipment and great for coaches to be able to set up drills and practices for students to do between coaching visits.

Marketing tool - set up in any public space and show the general public the advantages of your sport, using the Wall as a demonstration

Endless possibilities

Solo practice partner - can’t get to the club or courts, stuck inside because of the weather, sickness, minor injury, and still want to practice or train? On a long business trip and want to keep your game sharp or do some intensive workouts with the ball? The Wall by is always there for you and will never call off sick or cancel!

As extra workstations - too many players for the number of courts you have? Want somewhere productive rather than having players sit around waiting. The Wall by offers you a multitude of extra opportunities. Buy 5 Walls and get one free. With 6 Walls engage anywhere between 12 and 48 additional play